Uncharted Waters Origin is LINE Games' new seafaring sandbox RPG available for pre-registration

Uncharted Waters Origin is LINE Games' new seafaring sandbox RPG available for pre-registration

Uncharted Waters Origin, a seafaring sandbox role-playing game, has begun pre-registration worldwide, according to LINE Games Corporation.
Uncharted Waters Origin is a Seafaring Sandbox RPG that was co-developed by Motif, an affiliate development company of LINE Games, and KOEI TECMO GAMES to honor the 30 years of the Uncharted Waters series from KOEI TECMO. It is set in the 16th-century Age of Discovery and features trade, adventure, and battle content.

Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin? opens global pre-registration!?https://t.co/FyZs4B0Kgx

Explore the vast seas and enjoy trade, adventure and battle contents of the 16th century Age of Discovery! #UnchartedWatersOrigin

Pre-register at: https://t.co/TFSMU9NsrY pic.twitter.com/2Zpa5A87mZ
Sail through the vast oceans in the massive world of Uncharted Waters Origin
Uncharted Waters Origin uses real-world big data, such as the direction and speed of the wind, currents, and waves, to provide players with an ever-more immersive experience in the game. The game's notable historical people are shown in 2D artwork and 3D models. It is created with the 4K visuals of Unreal Engine 4.
The immersive experience is enhanced by over 104 professionally orchestrated soundtracks, including original songs by Yoko Kanno. Uncharted Waters Origin, which was first released in South Korea, earned four prizes at the 2022 Korea Game Awards, including the Grand Prize, Best Scenario, and Sound category.
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On the official website of Uncharted Waters Origin, interested players on both Android and iOS devices can pre-register for the game starting today and continuing through February 20. All players who pre-register for the game will receive a variety of rewards. The rewards will include ships, supplies for building ships, and equipment that might facilitate an early start.
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