Pamela Anderson Admits She Gained 25 Lbs. Writing Her Memoir: ‘My Body Was Changing’ To ‘Protect Me’

Pamela Anderson Admits She Gained 25 Lbs. Writing Her Memoir: ‘My Body Was Changing’ To ‘Protect Me’
Jan 2023

Pamela Anderson revealed that writing her upcoming memoir Love, Pamela took a toll on her physically. The original 'Baywatch' bombshell has a few bombshells of her own in the book -- like Tim Allen's alleged flashing on set -- and she admitted that revisiting them caused her body to react, resulting in a "25-pound" weight gain. "It was crazy, but I had a physical reaction to telling my story," Pamela recalled on Wednesday's The Howard Stern Show. "It was almost like I was hanging on to something, it was a protective... my puffy suit of armor."
Pamela Anderson Admits She Gained 25 Lbs. Writing Her Memoir: 'My Body Was Changing' To 'Protect Me'
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"It wasn't like I was eating any different, I'm vegan, I eat nuts and berries, you know, I don't eat a lot. But my body was changing," she told the shock jock. Pamela said she eventually dropped the weight after the book was completed, but she still wondered if the physical changes were due to "just getting old." Even her mom asked why she was no longer showing off her famous figure. "I just felt like, "What figure?" You know, I was just kind of joking," she said.
Although Pamela admitted the creative process for the memoir was a difficult one, arguing that she didn't use a ghost writer, the star reasoned that the stripped-down version of herself was a good barometer for her true fans. "I was a mess at that time, so I kind of liked that I peeled back everything: No makeup, nothing like that, and I thought, 'You know what? If you like me like this -- if you like me at my worst, maybe you like me,'" she explained.
Later in the interview with Howard, Pamela claimed she was not aware of the series Pam & Tommy, a show based on the turbulent romance between Pamela and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, until it was about to debut on Hulu. "I remember seeing this 'Pam & Tommy' thing on Hulu, or some advertisement for it, and I thought, 'What the hell is this?'" she said. "No one called me, no one asked me. I'm still alive!"
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Pamela's memoir book and the accompanying Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, both debut on January 31. The film is produced by her son, Brandon Thomas Lee. Meanwhile, HollywoodLife will keep you posted on the latest news for the Barb Wire star's two highly anticipated drops!
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